It started as a rock foundation, and then we saw pillars rising from the ground to form the walls of WOTLK Gold
the building, and then finally, the massive totem was raised by two wires and pulled into place in the c of the structure. When Roper built a troll lodge, a giant tree log appeared, and then we saw the inside being hollowed out, as clouds of wood chips and dust spewed from the inside of the log. Then various flags were raised around the new structure.

Blizzard didn't talk much about the units, since the ones shown were the same ones that have been reported on in many previews both here and in other gaming publications. However, we did learn new information about the heroes, the dynamic missions, and the living world. The many missions in the game will be delivered through NPCs or through in-game cutscenes, and many will overlap each other. In addition, there will be quests throughout the game. Bill Roper showed us one possible way in which a quest might unfold and be part of a larger mission.

Roper brought a human force to an orc camp. The objective was an orc stronghold that sat at a river's edge. One way to get in was through the main land entrance, which of course was guarded by numerous troops. Another way in was through a back door, basically the drawbridge that connected the stronghold to the land on the other side of the river.

However, this drawbridge was locked with a key. Roper said that you would be free to make a suicidal run through the main defenses, but you could also try to buy WOTLK Classic Gold find the key to lower the bridge and go through the back door. However, to do that, you would have to kill a tauren guard near the drawbridge. He might have a note on him indicating that a caravan with the means tothrough the drawbridge is on the way to deliver supplies to the orc town.